Growth Strategy Consulting

MJM offers a suite of services to assist in your company’s growth and continued success derived from the deep and dynamic backgrounds of its principals. Between the three founders MJM has a successful legacy of bringing companies to market, growing sales and revenue streams and facilitating positive exits.

What we do

From identifying appropriate product market fit to framing brand identity and messaging, we help companies better engage with people and organizations that have the highest likelihood of becoming clients.

MJM will work to define sales strategies designed to gain market share in the most profitable ways. This includes laying out detailed playbooks, retraining sales staff, instituting new sales campaigns and market specific product modifications.

We will also work to develop or redevelop sales and business infrastructure to make a company more nimble in its efforts to reach its growth goals. This includes new systems, such as virtual phone systems, CRMs and payment and HR management software.

If you want to grow your business, think MJM.

Our team